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The 5 Survey Emails That Will Upgrade Your Marketing

There’s a reason top marketers send survey emails so frequently — they work. Survey emails can decrease unsubscribes, increase engagement, and help you sell more products or services. Learn about the 5 survey emails that will make your marketing much more effective. AWeber makes it ridiculously easy to send surveys to your audience. We have

5 Creative Email Ideas to Try This Spring

Your subscribers located in the northern hemisphere are gearing up for the spring weather. Use the change of season to your advantage, and add spring-related topics and themes to your emails. The reason: Seasonal emails tend to have higher open rates because they create a sense of urgency among readers. (If they don’t open it

Google+ shutdown after an eventful 2018

If you haven’t heard already, the consumer version of Google+ was permanently shutdown early this month. After Google first announced a rather gracious timeline to kill off the platform, the company decided to speed up its termination dramatically after a second security bug was revealed to impact millions of users. Data breach affected millions of