How to profit from blogging – Is it Really Possible?

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How to profit from blogging  make money blogging

Is it really possible to profit from blogging? How do I start a blogging site? How can I get paid for blogging, writing posts or articles online? Well, there’s a number of ways you can make decent money by blogging. The first thing you have to do is find a niche you would like to write about. Finding something that interests you can be extremely important. Make sure it’s a niche that isn’t going to bore you after writing two posts. After you find that perfect niche, its time to start creating some original content. Furthermore, If you have consistent original content then search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will start giving your website search authority. Resulting in more leads to your content and money in your pocket.

The KISS Method – Selecting A Profitable Niche

First Things First, You need to a Blog

Before you can start a blogging site you have to create a website. In most cases, people realize this and get discouraged. They think they have to pay to create a nice website when that’s just not the case. There are several of free website builders out there that have everything you could need.

Once you’ve gotten your website built its time to start a blogging site. Your first blog post is always going to be a test. This is mainly because you’re going to play around with your target keywords. A targeted keyword is basically the focal point of your article and should be included in the main title.

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 Creating Valuable Content When Blogging

When creating new content the only way to make it easy on yourself is by doing the keyword research. Keywords are going to be the root to all of your SEO success. What’s SEO you ask yourself? SEO stands for search engine optimization and this is what Google uses to rank your website. Therefore, if you optimize your website with blog posts full of good keywords. This will ensure your content will become ranked and get lots of traction.

You will also have to add internal links. An internal link is another post or page on your blog. Another thing you have to do for good SEO is use authoritative external links like a Wikipedia page.

Your blog post could be the most interesting thing ever to read. However, if you don’t use proper keywords and optimize your site, the blog post will never be seen.

 Using Affiliate Offers to Profit From Blogging

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? If not, this would be a great thing to look into. You can use affiliate offers on your website and earn a commission without ever even touching a product. Say you have a blog about cats, there are literally millions of cat products out there you can promote on your website for free. Some of these products are so cool you might end up writing posts solely on the product. If you don’t know where to go, Amazon affiliate is the perfect place to start. They allow you to monetize your blog with affiliate offers from their online store. Amazon equips you with your own affiliate link. One that comes with its own tracking for traffic and conversions. Thus, making your blogs monetized that could make you tons of money.

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Promoting your business or service when blogging

If you have your own business or service, a blog post is a great way to put valuable content on your website. Let’s say you have a brick and motor business. A weekly blog post describing your work to potential customers could become very powerful if the content is put together well. Furthermore, if you have your own business and you don’t have a main website with a blog. You are definitely missing out on quite a few sales.

How do you get to the next level?

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