SEO Friendly Content vs Engaging Content

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Some can create engaging content, others SEO friendly content. Here’s how to do both.

Few can do both.

For true digital success, all content – from service pages to blog posts to guests pieces must engage and appeal to search engines.

When engagement and SEO are aligned, both build upon each other’s mission.

That’s the simple secret of digital marketing.

For this alignment to flourish, technical SEO is crucial. But the most energy is absorbed by the copywriters. Sadly, most companies hire the cheapest copywriters possible to save a dollar here or there.

This is wrong in every way; a content writer carries more clout than most in the endless world of digital marketing.

SEO and Content matter for strong digital marketing

I continually stress the importance of hiring strong copywriters to my agency’s clients, even if that client has already been with me for years.

One successful route that makes sense to those who don’t understand the importance of engaging and SEO-friendly content is my explanation of what I call the “online engagement ladder.”

Searchers begin at the lower rung and work their way up (read ascending from 1-4):

4. Content engages audience.
3. Title attracts an interest; meta description builds upon this interest.
2. Content ranks high for search query and keywords through strong SEO.
1. A search query is entered into a search engine with various keywords.

The end result of a business that follows the simple online engagement ladder?

Searchers quickly transform from prospects to customers/clients/readers (based on the proverbial Holy Grail of online industries: products/services/news).

Once these customers/clients/readers are exposed to engaging content on a consistent basis, they will soon become loyal to your brand. Without getting too deep, loyalty allows easy up-selling, and by nature this equates to higher ROI.

After more than two decades of creating content for both traditional and digital platforms, I’ve learned a few things about designing content strategies that feed the engagement/SEO-friendly machine.

Following are 17 essential tactics that I use when training my agency’s writers.

These are chronologically ordered for maximum impact. Notice the added energy that’s needed toward the revision stages of creating engaging and SEO-friendly content.

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